God's Miracle Plan

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My Mission Statement

A personal full-time mission field call based on Jesusís call to the apostles as found in Matthew 10 and Luke 9.  It is a call to go out to people, deliver (financial) miracles, proclaim salvation through Jesus Christ, and encourage everyone to seek out Godís specific plan for their life.  It is a call to start with nothing but a willingness to go.  It is a call of simplicity in which I am to rely solely on Godís financial provision for me and for those that God intends to receive a financial miracle so that God will receive all of the honor and glory.

            This site was created to honor and glorify God by chronicling the stories of changed lives and Godís miracle work through one person.  It is the culmination of a 14 year journey with God that started with one simple question:

                                God, what is your plan for my life? 



*God's Miracle Plan is looking to help unsaved, unchurched people in need of a financial miracle and is looking for believers who are solidly connected with their local churches to nominate special people that God has put on their hearts.


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My Vision

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My Story

A 14 year journey with God for a career ends with a full-time mission call.

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God's Miracles

A record of God's financial provision and stories of changed lives.

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Mission Launch Date: June 2013